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Star Wars Rebellion Refresher Package 20 42 wyloemm




Star Wars Rebellion Refresher Package 2.0 download The first bits of the truth are out, and there are some details that have been changed, some factions that have been wiped, and a little bit of storyline that was never meant to be revealed. Before we start delving into this, we need to get all the new factions and the upgrades ready for our review, so don’t worry, we will get into the new content today. Note that there is a lot of new content in Star Wars Rebellion, and you can’t expect this to be a one day game changer. This will be a 3 part series with updates going out on a weekly basis. For reference, we have all the links for the old factions listed below the old one. For the new ones we will be updating weekly, or every other week, we will just see how it goes. There are 3 new factions that were added to Star Wars Rebellion: Pirate Alliance, Samurai Empire and Jedi Protectors. The Pirate Alliance are led by Moondoor Hulme, a Black Sun Scoundrel. The Samurai Empire are a clan of bodyguards led by Master Juutaman, a former Black Sun "Blade Runner". The Jedi Protectors are led by Kix, a Padawan that lost faith in the Jedi Order, while working for Nova, a young Jedi that is now on the Dark Side. You can read more about these new characters on our introduction page: Introduction: The Pirate Alliance, Samurai Empire "Jedi Protectors" We will be reviewing the Pirate Alliance next week, Samurai Empire the following week and the Jedi Protectors later in the series. For now let’s review the “Refresher Package” that we got with our starter box. We will be taking a look at the game, the factions, and some of the cards that we can expect to see in each faction, but to be honest, we are just going to be taking a look at what is there, it is not a full review of the box and the contents, we will do that later on in the series. The packages were released for both the PC and the PS4





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Star Wars Rebellion Refresher Package 20 42 wyloemm

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